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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to OCAAT! I guess you are wondering what that means? Well I will tell you. It stands for One Country at a Time. It’s the motto that I live by when choosing the next destination. I’ve been debating starting this blog for a few years now. Just recently, I received confirmation from God through a dear friend. I want to take this time to thank her and my hubby for pushing me towards my dreams. Ok Ok enough of the mushy stuff…..

OCAAT will feature hot travel destinations, websites that offer discounts for shows, restaurants, and tours, and my journey of traveling to as many countries as I can afford. More importantly, ON A BUDGET!

So sit back, enjoy and hopefully I can inspire you to conquer the world one country at a time.

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Last year I traveled to Dubai, Cuba, and Jamaica.  Each trip cost me less then $800!  I loved seeing the beaches in Cuba, the food in Jamaica, and the shopping malls in Dubai!

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